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The Come Up to Denver Coalition is a group of diverse people that have come together to promote the DNC Counter-Convention, a networking opportunity for activists around the country.

In 1968, most people in the U.S. wanted to End the War in Vietnam.

United by musicians such as Crosby, Stills & Nash, and radicals like the Yippies, they heeded the call to "Come to Chicago" for the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Anti-war demonstrators came to Chicago in massive numbers from both coasts to call for an end to the war. Many remember the violence at the Convention. The protesters were peaceful. The official report blamed the violence on the police, calling it a "Police Riot".

The anti-war demonstrators wanted nothing but peace...

Then and Now...

In 2008, we need to recreate what the People made happen in 1968.

In 1968, the People said NO to war. In 2008, the People can do it again!

This is your CALL TO ACTION!!!

Come Up to Denver!!!

Show the Democrats that we will not remain silent while they continue to support the War.

Your presence will be necessary.

Old and young, Left and right, East and west, Black and white...

Come Up to Denver!

August 24-28, 2008

We can change the world,

but we need YOU!

Come Up to Denver! August 24-28, 2008

No One Else Can Take Your Place!!!








Come Up to Denver!
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