Freedom Kage

Left to Right: Capp Sehota, Cory Wright, Mario Casilio (sound engineer), Gregory Seaman
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Freedom Kage History

Freedom Kage was formed in March 2008 to re-record Graham Nash's song, "Chicago" as "Come Up to Denver", for the 40th anniversary of the 1968 DNC. Composed of three veteran musicians from the area around Nederland, Colorado, Freedom Kage was inspired to be part of the project to bring Graham Nash's song back to life for a new generation. Freedom Kage recorded the song on April 19, 2008 with sound engineer Mario Casilio at the studios of Notably Fine Audio in lower downtown Denver. Freedom Kage is Gregory Seaman (organ, piano, vocals), Capp Sehota (drums), Cory Wright (bass guitar).

Their name was inspired by a recent cartoon in the Best of Denver edition of Westword by Kenny Be. Click here to see the enire cartoon 1.6 MB PDF.

Freedom Kage Band Members

Gregory Seaman: Organ, piano, &vocals

"Gregory enjoys folding envelopes in half and pulling the legs off of frogs, grasshoppers and granddaddy long-legs.", John Belcas, Dog's Best Friend.

Hammon organ (model A-100) with Leslie speaker (model 145)

Yamaha acoustic/electric baby grand piano.


Capp Sehota, drums

"From a small nuclear waste dump in southern New Jersey, the brother of Greg, Capp enjoys looking at people's shoes, lighting matches, and screwing lightbulbs in and out of their sockets." -- John Belcas, Dog's Best Friend.

Capp, in other bands, is known as "Air Capp"


Cory Wright, Bass guitar

Living at over 9000 feet above sea level, he likes to make nut sauce and wrestle mountain lions.


Sound Engineer

Mario Casilio, Notably Fine Audio

Mario made it all come together atf Notably Fine Audio, a fully-equipped professional studio in lower downtown Denver.

Mario at work.

Notably Fine Audio studios.

The awesome Leslie speaker that made the Hammond organ come alive!


Toast to Graham Nash

For the 40th anniversary of the DNC, Freedom Kage toasts Graham Nash with a 40 year old bottle of scotch!

"Thanks, Graham!"

"Thanks, Graham!"

"Thanks, Graham!"







Come Up to Denver!
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