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This will be the first national major party election to be able to take full advantage of the Internet's "Web 2.0" technologies to widely broadcast and dissmeninate alternative news.

Become the Media!

Get your very own Colorado Indymedia press badge, plus a shocking array of information on events, maps to find actions, indymedia projects, workspaces, and parties.

Registration times and locations below. [And we're still looking for volunteers to help staff registration too, the shifts we need to fill are marked with two asterisks (**). If you can fill one or more shifts, please e-mail eric (at) freespeech (dot) org (unverified)]

Special Registration at the Welcome to Denver Party
Hosted by the Mercury Cafe
Saturday August 23, 5- 7pm
2199 California St

Regular Registration Hours
Hosted by Free Speech TV
2900 Welton St, 3rd floor lobby

Friday August 22 2pm - 4pm **
Saturday August 23 2pm - 4pm **
Sunday August 24 2pm - 6pm **
Monday August 25 10am - 4pm
Tuesday August 26 10am - Noon
Wednesday August 27 10am - Noon

Colorado Indepedent Media Coalition (COIMC)

The main website to post your independent media stories and convention-related announcements.

Downtown Denver WiFi Zone

You can now take advantage of Denver's 300 days of sunshine a year by tapping in to the Downtown Denver WiFi Zone network. Simply log on to and follow the instructions to log on. The Downtown Denver WiFi Zone is accessible in Skyline Park or any point on the 16th Street Mall. Maintenance of the network and technical support is provided by Kiva Networks.

Step 1: Turn on any notebook, Tablet PC that is WiFi-enabled.
Step 2: Set your device to receive the WiFi signal by scanning for or manually setting your device SSID (network identifier) to "DowntownDenverWiFi".
Step 3: Get Online! Launch your web browser to start surfing!

or Call 888.548.2638

Free Speech TV

Free Speech TV
2900 Welton St.
Denver, CO

Denver Open Media

Denver Open Media will be broadcasting live alternative coverage of the DNC from 5-10pm Monday-Thursday, with open drop-in slots for anyone who wants to come talk about the DNC, share video, photo, or audio recordings of the day, or anything they desire. People can reserve a time-slot for live on-air
conversations by emailing Ann <>


Deproduction is a nonprofit charitable organization which exists to put the power of media and technology in the hands of the people in order to enable every person to actively engage their community and bring about the change they wish to see in the world.


ProgressNow Independent Media Credentials and Lounge

ProgressNow will have a media lounge in the Big Tent. They'll open up credentialing opportunities soon. So stay tuned. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact them at 303-991-1900 or

Sign up for credentialing information:

Convention Updates:

Their slogan is "Bringing the 1st Amendment into the 21st Century", is video-flogging of dishonest politicians. This new wave in democracy has been described as a cross-between guerrilla theater and gonzo journalism.



Here's a good article about getting "traditional" press credentials.









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