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There are several Legal Observing sessions coming up. Please check our calendar for a schedule and locations.

American Civil Liberties Union

ACLU has been fighting the City of Denver to allow protesters near the Pepsi Center, the site of the Convention.

The ACLU is encouraging anyone attending a DNC protest or demonstration to download an online form to bring with to the event. The forms will protect your rights to see an attorney and make telephone calls if you are arrested. Please follow the instructions in the packet:

The ACLU has also all the information you need to protect your First Amendment rights during the DNC:

DNC People's Law Project

The DNC People's Law Project is a legal collective of lawyers, legal workers, and law students formed by the Colorado National Lawyers Guild for the purpose of defending the rights of demonstrators who bring a message of social justice to the 2008 DNC in Denver.

1280 Sherman Street, Suite 206
HOTLINE: (303) 830-0277

Denver 420 Information

Thanks to Denver voters, one ounce or less of cannabis is legal in the City and County of Denver. It is also "lowest priority" for Denver police.

Midnight Special Law Collective

The Midnight Special Law Collective is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to providing legal trainings and accessible, relevant, democratic and accountable legal support to a wide range of activists participating in the struggle for social change.

The have an extensive collection of materials on these topics and more:
Know Your Rights
Action Legal Team
Legal Solidarity
Legal Observer

Fully-Informed Jury Association

FIJA informs jurors about their inalienable right to vote their conscience and acquit, regardless of what the law or the judge may say. This is called "jury veto power" or "jury nullification", the right of jurors to "nullify" what they see as bad or unjust laws or application of law. Judges and prosecutors will try to intimidate you into convicting, so you need to know your rights!




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