Colorado Street Medics

As with all major actions, the Street Medics will be present to provide free emergency medical care to anyone in need. Colorado Street Medics are responsible for the coordination of medics for the DNC.

Essentially, we need medics to run in the streets at demos, work a mobile first aid station at Recreate 68's Festival of Democracy, cover jail support and operate an aftercare clinic. All medics running should be recently trained/refreshed Street Medics or folks with comparable training. Please let us know if you intend to come to the DNC as a medic and inform us of your housing needs.


Street Medics from Colorado Street Medics and our allies will be available to provide 20-hour basic Street Medic trainings across the country in the spring and summer of 2008. These trainings will cover initial assessment, care under fire, natural remedies, aftercare and chemical weapons protocol.

We can also provide refresher courses, affinity group trainings, aftercare classes and other specialized skill shares.

Trainers are experienced Street Medics (WTO Seattle, Quebec Summit of the Americas, FTAA Miami, RNC New York, etc.). They have all been trained in eclectic blends of Western, Traditional Chinese, homeopathic and emergency medicine.

To host a training, the travel, board and food of the training team must be provided as well as a location suitable for the course. The Street Medics will also request a donation for the trainings to cover any class related expenses and gear. Please contact us for more information.


In April the Street Medics will perform a walk through of Denver. By this time we hope to have our clinic space reserved and be able to create a map for out of town medics.

In June 2008, Street Medics will be having a "nonsulta" via conference call and meeting to make our two month plan and solidify details. All medics are welcome to come or call in. More info to come.


Additional to the general medic work, several members of the Colorado Street Medics, Recreate 68 and other volunteers will be assembling a five day, 24 hour free clinic-Doc's Place-in memory of Doc Rosen. This will be a separate clinic from all protest related medic work to ensure the safety of all patients.

Doc's Place will offer Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalism, allopathic care, massage, nutrition, prenatal services, HIV testing and so on. While we are well on our way in planning, we need more healthcare providers, Spanish/ESL interpreters, clerical volunteers and financial donations. Please reply to this e-mail to find out how you can participate.


Colorado Street Medics would love your help, whether you are a medic or simply like what we do. Here are some things that would be of great service to us (aside from more medics):

- A clinic space (large, public, accessible with bathrooms and running water if possible)
- Band Aides
- Cough Drops
- Emergen-C
- Ace Bandages of all sizes
- Shower curtains
- A kiddie pool
- Spare clothing
- Towels
- Trash Bags

Donations can be made c/o:
P.O. Box 6444
Denver, CO 80206.
Checks should be made payable to Recreate 68 and write "Street Medics" in the memo field


These pages are updated often. Check back for more information.





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