Protest Leaders Give DNC Preview


Contact: Adela Rios (347) 385 2195
World Can't Wait

Protest Leaders to Discuss Why & How They Will Protest at the Democratic

Saturday August 23
6:30 pm

City County Building Steps,
437 Bannock Street, west side of Civic Center Park
Adela Rios (347) 385 2195 in Denver

Leaders from many of the anti-war organizations planning protests August
24-28 in Denver, including those based outside Denver, will make short
statements to the press and public on Saturday evening.

Among the organizations invited and expected to speak are Recreate68, Come
Up to Denver, Revolution newspaper, Code Pink Women for Peace, World Can’t
Wait, Troops Out Now Coalition. More have been invited to participate.

Calendars, maps, and updated information on events will be available to the
press and the public.

There will be time for press and print interviews with spokespeople from
the various organizations.

Debra Sweet, Director
The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime





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