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Invitation to Participate in Downtown Festival of Democracy

The Come Up to Denver Campaign and Recreate68 would like to invite you to "Come Up to Denver" for the Democratic National Counter-Convention and Downtown Festival of Democracy. As you know, the DNC will be in Denver from Aug. 24-28, 2008. In the spirit of true democracy, we are inviting all groups advocating progressive social change to participate in the Downtown Festival of Democracy in Civic Center Park. This festival is being organized by Recreate68, an umbrella organization that has obtained permits for the main Downtown Denver parks for that week. The Democrats are coming to Downtown Denver, and we're going to party with them!

The Downtown Festival of Democracy will run all week and includes free music, art, speakers, workshops, information tables, marches, rallies and networking opportunities for activists from around the country to plan "what's next" after the 2008 General Election. Environmental, peace, social justice, immigrant rights, human rights and the economy are just some of the issues that will be featured at the Festival.

We are inviting your group to have an information table at the Festival at no charge. You can promote your cause through literature and information. Product sales will also be allowed with prior approval. There is no charge for your participation, however donations can be made to the permit-holder for the Downtown Festival of Democracy (R68, P.O. Box 6444, Denver CO, 80206).

In addition, you can apply to have a speaker or give a workshop at the Festival. We will schedule speakers and workshops as time and space allows.

You will have to supply your own information table setup and water containers. The city is providing water and portable toilets. We are trying to achieve a No Waste Left Behind event, so please encourage your members to treat this as a camping trip and "Pack It In, Pack It Out."

The times and locations of all the events, marches and actions will not be finalized for several weeks. But the Downtown Festival of Democracy will take place at these locations concurrent with the Democratic National
Sun. (8/24): Lincoln Park (across from Civic Center Park)
Mon. (8/25): Civic Center Park
Tues. (8/26): Civic Center Park
Wed. (8/27): Skyline Park or Civic Center Park (TBA)
Thurs. (8/28): Skyline Park off the 16th Street Mall

If your group is interested in participating in the Downtown Festival of Democracy, please fill out this online form. You will be sent an email confirmation of your application. You must click on that link in the email
in order for the application process to be completed.

To aid in our organization efforts, your speedy response is greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to forward this email to any other group you might think would be interested.

See you in Denver!!!


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