DNC Counter-Convention Photos

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Smiling, relaxed DNC Counter-Convention demonstrators.

Smiling, relaxed law enforcement officers.

Relaxed DNC Counter-Convention demonstrators.

Relaxed law enforcement officers.


Let's Keep it Relaxed!

Realize Peace by Practicing Peace!!!

Everyone will be on their best behavior for the
largest march of the Convention on Sunday.

Counter-Delegates at Tent State sign-making party (8/19/08)

Counter-Delegate JoJo Pease at Tent State sign-making party (8/19/08)

Counter-Delegate Zoe. Ouch! How hot can our Counter-Delegates get?!?!


C0unter-Delegate Tiny Martinez. Would you trust this man as your state representative?

Counter-Delegate Wayward Bill Amerika

Counter-Delegate Aron Kay (Yippie Pieman)

Counter-Delegate Dana Beal with Counter-Delegate Wayward Bill Amerika

Counter-Terrorist task force looking for Counter-Delegates





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